Giving Time

Giving Time is part of finding and fulfilling the purpose of our Christian service, fulfilling God’s plan for our lives and helping others to fulfil theirs too.

Part of it is to look at how we can develop in-house gifts and service, and where our foci should be. These include service within our local church, sending out to other churches, Ministry (Lay or Ordained), Evangelism, Overseas & Mission, and spotting and matching – identifying possible gifts and encouraging people to join in and get involved.

All of us should be offering our lives and our daily work as if we were doing it for Jesus.

It is important to honour what people are already doing and how this is engaged with local church,  affirming and encouraging people.


There are many ways to give time, and you don’t have to physically be in the building to do so!

Activities in the church, both on a Sunday and during the week include service preparation, music, sound, help with groups such as Sunday School, and administration. The list really is endless!

Other ways to give time include the crucial area of prayer, which can be done anywhere and at anytime! OR you may wish to develop a new ministry or fresh expression in the community.

If you have any questions, please ask the Vicar, Philip Averay, 01291 620980 or chepstowpriory@gmail.com