Funeral and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorial Services

We consider it one of our greatest privliges to stand beside people in all aspects of life, but none more so at your time of greatest need and comfort. For centuries the Church has helped people cope with the death of their loved one. It would be our privilige to walk this journey with you as well.


When it comes to arranging a funeral usually the first step is to contact a Funeral Director. Chepstow Parish is served by several Funeral Directors and these can be easily located via the internet search or their adverts in the local press.

Once you have met with your chosen Funeral Director they will make the arrangements with us for the date you have agreed for the Furneral.

Memorial Services:

The Church understands the need to remember. At St Mary's and St Christopher's we maintain a book of remembrance and I you would like your loved one recorded in this book please let us know. 

We hold an annual remembrance service for those who have died, on the Sunday nearest All Souls Day (2nd November). All are welcome to attend and remember their loved ones. Names of loved ones are taken before the service begins and prayed for during the service. To find when this service will be please consult the Events Diary or Facebook Page.

If you wish to arrange a personal memorial service for a loved one please contact the Vicar, Philip Averay, on 01291 620980 or